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Discover Your
Sacred Purpose
in Life

A FREE Spiritual Dynamics Course
Presented by Owen K Waters

Everyone wants to know what the meaning of life is and why we are here, but they never find the answers. In the field of metaphysics today, we now have those answers!

The spiritual hierarchy of ascended masters wants you to be fully informed in these days of The Shift to higher consciousness. They have taken the ancient mysteries out of the closet, dusted them off, answered them, and passed them on to open-minded spiritual teachers.

Now, those spiritually empowering secrets can be yours...

The Discover Your Sacred Purpose course is in 6 parts.
1. The Greatest Mystery of All Time
2. Your Second Divine Quality Revealed
3. How to Unleash Your Higher Creativity
4. The Meaning of Life
5. The Focus of Life in Today's World
6. How Your Spiritual Growth Makes the World a Better Place

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