The Two Most Misunderstood Energies

by Owen K Waters

The aether and etheric energy sound like the same thing. Most people today think they are.

Electric energy

Yet, they are as distinct and dissimilar as chalk and cheese or, to use a more appropriate comparison, magnetic energy and electric energy.

The confusion arises because the aether – the fabric of the universe – seethes with etheric energy, but that energy is not the fabric through which it travels.

Magnetic energy

As an analogy, a battery is not so much a source of electric energy as the cradle in which that energy is stored. If you drain away the energy, the cradle still remains because the battery is not the energy.

Likewise, the aether is the field of support for the active etheric energy which courses through the universe.

Let’s look at exactly how the aether and etheric energy differ from one another.

The Aether

The aether was the name given to a subtle energy field that fills all space and therefore provides a carrier medium for light energy to travel through the great void of space between the Sun and the Earth.

Then, over a century ago, an experiment which attempted to prove the existence of the aether failed. Rather than admit to faulty assumptions, the scientists of the day declared that the aether must not exist.

This seemed rather strange to people who are endowed with any amount of common sense. After all, if ocean waves travel through water and sound waves travel through air, then light waves must travel through something. So, what is the something that is waving?

Meanwhile, the aether was replaced by a new name for the fabric of space: Spacetime. It was a concept that scientists agreed upon as a brilliant substitute, even if it made no sense to anyone else.

Today, the aether is back. Under a new name, of course. Today, it’s called the Higgs Field, and its existence has been proven by no less than the high-energy particle accelerator at CERN. Naturally, as a promoter of truth, Professor Higgs (now retired) was shunned and scorned for decades before his theory was proven by the persistence of some other brave souls.

So, what do we call this field, this fabric of space? The aether again? The Higgs Field? Personally, I prefer using Lynne McTaggart’s 2003 book title, which simply calls it The Field, with a capital “F.”

The Field is a primary form of magnetism. It is a subtle magnetic fluid that can be distorted or compressed like a gas and it can flow through the poles of a bar magnet in a highly condensed form. As a magnetic energy, it is attractive in nature. It is intensified within and around matter, where its attractive nature produces the force of gravity.

The Field is a subtle, fluid, magnetic energy which fills all space.

It is the fabric of space.

Etheric Energy

Next, we turn to etheric energy. Many people have investigated this universal life energy. They have given it names like zero point energy, prana, vital life force, chi or qi, orgone, quintessence or the fifth element, odic force, cold electricity, scalar energy, tachyon energy, vacuum energy, radiant energy; the list goes on.

A more subtle cousin to electricity, etheric energy is the life force that streams towards us from the Sun, energizing and motivating all forms of life.

Etheric energy is universal life energy.

It is the life energy that passes from spiritual healer to patient. It is the vitality or life force contained within air, water and food. It is the mystery energy which powers the endless orbit of electrons in their atoms and planets around their suns. Without its continual cascade down through the levels of Creation, dispensing energy as it goes, all life would wind down to a halt.

The inevitable mastery of etheric energy will lead to far more wide-ranging advances than electricity ever did. Within etheric energy lies the keys to powerful healing modalities, pollution-free energy, and many other valuable innovations. Just the advent of abundant, inexpensive energy will transform the world, eliminating poverty and much of today’s third world suffering.

Scientists who study the structure of the universe are actually already on the trail of etheric energy. They have detected its presence in the cosmos through its gravitational side-effects, but they haven’t been able to see it, so they call it ‘dark energy.’ The existence of dark energy – and its related dark matter – is one of the great, unanswered mysteries of science today. According to the observed movements of galaxies, it is calculated that 23% of the universe consists of dark matter and 73% of the universe consists of dark energy.

Etheric energy is one of the three fundamental types of energy in the universe. These three energies are electric, magnetic and etheric.

Electric energy operates at a right angle to magnetic energy. The third energy of Creation, etheric energy, operates at yet another right angle to the other two. Its longitudinal thrust carries light energy through the energetic medium of the Field at its optimal velocity of the speed of light.

While physical matter is made from electric energy, etheric matter is made from etheric energy. Physical human eyes do not generally see etheric matter or energy, although you can probably see the edges of your etheric body by holding your fingers apart and staring past them into the distance.

The human etheric body holds a reserve of life energy for the physical body. When it runs low on energy, you feel the need for sleep so that it can recharge itself from the etheric energy-filled atmosphere around you.

Owen K Waters is the author of The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness.

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Owen K Waters transforms the mysteries of spiritual metaphysics into clarities. As an international spiritual teacher, he has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to better understand the nature of their spiritual potential. For over fifty years, he has focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision. As co-founder of the Spiritual Dynamics Academy, he offers spiritual seekers a clear understanding and mastery of the spiritual principles of life.

6 thoughts on “The Two Most Misunderstood Energies

  1. yeye

    Hello Owen I am not very sciency so I don’t have as much understanding as say Carla of this article regardless I grasp the overall message that despite the darkness and upheaval of current times the onward evolution of man to godhood is ongoing and intact.
    Have been on your mailing list now, well over a decade (since the days of and every article as always is rich, insightful and uplifting

    peace and light your way

    oh I did an article on my new blog mentioned your work you may want to read it

  2. Owen K Waters Post author

    In reply to Cyndy, the three energies are just one example of how the Creator works in threes.
    There is an etheric level of DNA as well as the physical one. While DNA research can yield health benefits, we should bear in mind that DNA coding is an influence, not a controlling factor. More than 90% of health issues can be better managed by reducing exposure to toxicity and choosing a diet filled with the life-giving etheric energy in raw fruits and vegetables.

  3. Owen K Waters Post author

    In reply to Carla, no, science does not yet understand gravity. I would hesitate to use the term Magnetic Field instead of The Field as people think of the very dense, highly compressed version of magnetism in a bar magnet while The Field is the subtle essence of magnetism.
    Energies were designed to operate at right angles so that they could engage in complementary motion to cause an effect. For example, light waves have electric energy pulsing from neutral to positive, then back to neutral, then negative, then back to neutral. At the same time, magnetic energy pulses to attract the electric potential back from the extreme of each pulse:
    Light waves

  4. Carla van Raay

    Thank you for once again giving us a clearer picture of the structure of the universe we live in, and presenting a picture of the future that looks incredibly hopeful.
    I have a few questions, Owen:
    Why not call The Field, the Magnetic Field, since this is what it is, and then we might get less confused?
    Does science recognise that gravity is the result of magnetic attraction in and around objects? Does the very earth act as a magnetic attractant, then?
    Would you explain more about the right-angle-ness of the three energies? You mentioned this, so it must have some implication but without a diagram it isn’t clear in my mind.
    Thank you for writing about the mysteries of creation; everything has become much more immediate and alive to me.

  5. Joseph R. Formisano

    Thank you so much for the info you share,,It makes understanding the Verse , Life and that there is more enjoyable..

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