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Spiritual Metaphysics:
The Expert Course

Thursday January 10th, 2019 -
Thursday February 28th, 2019
by Owen K Waters

How did you get started searching for metaphysical answers?

Did you hunt here and there and try to make sense of it all?

Did the different teachings that you found agree with each other? Maybe a little? Maybe a lot?

We are at the dawn of the Age of Spiritual Enlightenment and everyone is searching in many places. Sometimes, we find good answers and then dig a little deeper in that direction. Sometimes, the search is fruitless and we wish it weren't so hard.

I know. I've been there. I started my search in 1963 at the ripe old age of 13 after a wake-up event. It was nothing traumatic, but I did wonder for a second, as I looked down on my physical body, whether or not I was dead!

With my curiosity well and truly awakened, I set out to make metaphysical knowledge my life's quest. Over the decades since, I've had plenty of time to think about my findings and distill them down into their simplest, most fundamental form.

However, I cannot take credit for the best realizations I've had over the years. I came to realize that, like all spiritual seekers, there are angelic helpers who prompt you with insights in such a subtle way that it took me a long time to realize that's what happens. The truth is, we are never left to fend for ourselves in our search for enlightenment.

Today, spiritual seekers are blessed with a level of consciousness which increases in potential with each passing year. While many people in the outside world find the turbulence of change unsettling, the spiritual seeker can rejoice with each new step toward an enlightenment which was previously unavailable.

History will look back upon this time and see it in a very different light than we do while we are immersed in its noise and distractions.

We are at the dawn of the Age of Spiritual Enlightenment.

In our upcoming series of insights, called Spiritual Metaphysics: The Expert Course, you will be able to see how the mysteries of the ages have now revealed themselves and become crystal clear in the light of today's higher consciousness.

No longer do you have to wonder why the world is in disarray, or why so many people feel overwhelmed with challenges. Now, you can look just below the surface and see life from an increasingly enlightened position.

On this course, we cover the whole range of modern metaphysical principles in 50 easy-to-digest daily lessons. We go from the basics to the deepest realizations in metaphysics today, such as…

• The Great Mysteries of Life

• The True Nature of Reality

• Discovering Your Purpose in Life

• Adding More Abundance, Love, and Wholeness To Your Life

• Soul Families and the Higher Realms of Consciousness

• Gaining Intuitive Insights from Your Higher Mind

• How To Find Peace in a World Filled With Rapid Change

• Gaining Healing Power Now

If ever life came with an owner's manual, this course provides it by capturing all of the essentials with perfect clarity.

Join us. Be a leading light in the emerging Age of Spiritual Enlightenment…

Yes, Count Me In!

About this 50-part online course

Notification of each of the lessons is emailed each day as new lessons are posted to the course home page. An email announcing Lesson 1 will be sent to you early on Thursday January 10, 2019. On Day 50, an email announcing Lesson 50 will be sent on Thursday February 28th.

The 50 course lessons are in text format which you can copy and paste if you wish to keep your own notes.

As well as breakthrough metaphysical information, each lesson will include the ability to post questions and have them answered.

Take your time to complete the course. Each course stays online for 12 months for easy reference and you can keep your own copy of the material for permanent reference if desired.

What others have to say

Here are just some of the comments from people just like you who have taken past courses.

"You have a delightful way to turn spiritual education into something fun and useful." - M.N.

"These are treasures of learning and support for my spiritual journey. I truly enjoy reading your writing that is so clear, yet focused with a nurturing sensitivity, like an old oak, to metaphysical matters that may not always lend themselves to immediate wording in any language." - T.M.

"A truly inspirational course that has changed my life!" - B.B.

"Enhances belief with understanding and knowing." - O.K.

"I realize it is a rare opportunity to be brought to this guidance and experience. My heart is full to overflowing with love and gratitude and my soul is joyful." - L.F.

"OMG, the course is so amazing. Thank you for all the work you've done to be where you are. Thank you for sharing it." - F.C.

"These courses are vital and vibrant and the lessons are crystal clear and practical." - P.L.

"This is brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. It will provide a quantum magnitude of help to those wandering bewildered, lost in the wilderness of false trails leading nowhere but deeper into that wilderness. Thanks for being a Light in the darkness." - B.L.

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