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The Seeker's Guide to
Higher Consciousness

Presented by Owen K Waters
A 12-Day Course beginning
Tuesday October 18th, 2016

At last, here it is! A spiritually empowering learning experience filled with insightful wisdom for the emerging Spiritual Age.

The Seeker's Guide to Higher Consciousness takes you on a journey of awakening through the three stages of consciousness which are unfolding today.

This enlightening course reveals exactly what developments to expect as you rise effortlessly through each stage of spiritual consciousness. It gently guides you through today's changing times to see how the Great Transformation is opening up the pathway to our full spiritual potential.

Imagine being handed a powerful set of spiritual keys - keys that will unlock a sense of inspiration, joy and an inner connection which offers strength and true, lasting happiness.

On this course, you will discover amazing and illuminating insights into how the emerging New Reality vitally supports the highest vision of every spiritual seeker today.

You will also discover:

• The powerful and effective Enlightenment meditation technique

• The abundant joys that life will bring on the New Earth

• How to access deeper states of inner wisdom

• How to attract the very best of friends into your life

• Three easy steps that can manifest your ideal circumstances

• A new and powerful way to dissolve any barriers that hold you back

• How to instantly contact the Divine presence within you

• How to free yourself from any false sense of guilt

• How to make your sense of personal empowerment flourish

• How to fill your life with inspiration, joy and purpose every day

About this 12-part online course

Notification of each of the 12 lessons is emailed each day as new lessons are posted to the course home page. An email announcing Lesson 1 will be sent to you early on Tuesday October 18, 2016. On Day 12, an email announcing Lesson 12 will be sent on Saturday October 29th.

The 12 course lessons are in text format which you can copy and paste if you wish to keep your own notes.

As well as breakthrough metaphysical information, the course will include the powerful Enlightenment Meditation technique.

Take your time to complete the course. Each course stays online for 12 months for easy reference and you can keep your own copy of the material for permanent reference if desired.

We are here to support your needs. You are free to ask any topic-related questions via email.


Here are just some of the comments from people just like you who have taken past courses.

"I realize it is a rare opportunity to be brought to this guidance and experience. My heart is full to overflowing with love and gratitude and my soul is joyful." - L.F.

"You have a delightful way to turn spiritual education into something fun and useful." - M.N.

"OMG, the course is so amazing. Thank you for all the work you've done to be where you are. Thank you for sharing it." - F.C.

"Thank you for the Beautiful and Clear teachings." - T.M.

"A truly inspirational course that has changed my life!" - B.B.

"These courses are vital and vibrant and the lessons are crystal clear and practical." - P.L.

Great news!

This breakthrough course is offered at 75% off through Tuesday, October 18th for the limited-time, introductory price of just $49!

After October 18th, the discount will be discontinued.

Act now and save 75%!

The path to Higher Consciousness is open!

*** Course enrolment is now closed ***