The Jewel of Joy

by Dreama Vance

When the information was given to me about how to discover our individual spiritual missions, I felt as if I had been given the Philosopher’s Stone.

How many have worried in angst over their purpose? How many courses can you take to discover your purpose in life? How about discovering your Soul purpose? That discovery sounds even more important and critical.

It is pretty easy to figure out the big purpose in life. After all, saints, sages, and spiritual masters have been teaching the information for eons. We are here for our own spiritual evolution and to assist others on the planet. We are here to awaken from the deep sleep of forgetfulness. This awakening is really a remembering of who we are. We are to develop our skills at remaining conscious and focused on the Source within us. We are to learn and move into higher states of consciousness. This is part of all humanity’s evolution.

It brings glad tidings to the heart when we finally “get it” and begin to consciously work on our own spiritual growth. In doing our own work, we add to the light for the planet.

When I was given the information about individual spiritual missions and how to discover them, I was very excited because I knew it would help so many people move into action. In case you haven’t read my article on Joy (Joy to the World), you will find your own spiritual mission through your joy.

You will discover your individual mission through what brings you incredible joy and what has probably been a thread of great interest from early years in your life. You see, you are important on this planet. You are here to evolve not only in the grand scheme of things, but to give and share your special reason for being here now.

The fact that your individual mission (and there may be more than one) comes from what brings you joy and lights you up inside of your being is so simple and easy to understand once you figure it out! Here is what happens and how it works.

Joy is a state of being that blossoms like a flower within the structural foundation of existence. As we are this energy of existence, this joy is just waiting to be expressed, to bloom within the nature of our being. When you discover your own unique mission through what brings you joy, you can then begin to give this to the world.

This is God in Action!

Do you see how it works? By expressing this innate quality of Joy, we allow the fundamental structures of existence to express itself.

We open flow!

By doing this action, we open the floodgates for the other qualities of existence to come more fully into conscious expression. It is a beautifully designed plan. Joy expresses through you and moves the energy of Source out into Action.

Of course you are here for a reason. You are here with your own very special mission: to bring that hidden jewel of joy out to give to the world, to share with the world. When you do this, the world receives joy. Your light shines and the world receives light. Your love moves into action. Beauty is made manifest and the world receives. The world receives and awakens. Do you see now how it works?

The time is NOW. Don’t delay. Discover your unique jewel of joy today. Figure out a way to share with others and begin. Begin Now. You surely must feel the push/pull of higher frequencies and the need to move into ACTION NOW.

You were born for this time NOW.

Share your gift. Share your gift.

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3 thoughts on “The Jewel of Joy

  1. Cindy

    Yes….so simple really….to find joy in just BEING 🙂 But no one can tell us how or give us the tools to reach that remembrance until our unique, individual path leads us to our own awakening. And once that ‘crack’ of light in the darkness breaks open, all is revealed….and the ‘separate’ self takes it’s natural place in this existence as a human being having a spiritual experience. That truth then sets us free to BE of service in this grand and infinite Divine Plan. We chose to be here NOW and with the truth of who we are; unconditional love and gratitude; we are BEING Source and fulfilling exactly what we came here to do. Bless you, bless me, bless all that BE ((( <3 )))

  2. Margaret Coles

    I think, Joy, for it’s own sake is all that is required. To realize, who, what we are, even if the acknowledgement is only on the rim of awareness, we can, metaphorically jump for joy. To realize, possibly, suddenly, or a gradual dawning that I am not “Just” a human being, a female who came to breed a large number of children, who witnessed violence at a tender age, experienced it in my late thirties. Who played a considerable role in the lives and deaths of others, who changed the law for lesbian mothers. I have many reasons to rejoice for the knowledge these upward steps took me, and that has woken me to the fact I am a beam of Light streaming forth from Original Thought. What more can I say? ! Sending Love and Joy to all, Margaret.

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