He Says Yoga Attracts Demons…

by Owen K Waters

I’ve never paid much attention to the threats that are sometimes aimed at people by traditional religion.

I’m sure I heard them all when I was an angelic-looking choirboy and my mom was the church organist. Then, again, neither of us – my mom or I – were especially sold upon the sermons of Reverend “Firebreather,” our local Anglican vicar.

I went along with being a choirboy right up until the day I became a teenager. Then, I quit. I’m sure Reverend Firebreather used to harp on about demons in his sermons but, as a budding mystic, I was always off into a world of my own during his sermons so they never really registered with me, and they certainly didn’t make me fearful.

So, imagine my surprise the other day when I play a YouTube video of a very convincing young man telling Christians about the evils of Yoga. Frankly, I was shocked. I had no idea that religious control freaks could be so ignorant and predatory in the same breath.

Here’s what he said. He said that the problem with Yoga, besides being from India and not from around here, was that it can encourage a rise in chi or life energy and that means… wait for it…

A rise in chi can lead to… Oh, no!!!

Demonic possession!!!

Well, naturally, I do disagree with the aforesaid gentleman.

If he had used his God-given sense of curiosity to explore life’s possibilities and advance his spirit instead of placing it in chains, he would have discovered that chi is universal life energy – something that, without which, he would become a blob of lifeless rotting flesh.

Let me guess, he’s only just gotten used to the idea of electricity being part of God’s universe. The idea that the next, more subtle energy in God’s universe exists for our survival is, for the moment, totally beyond him.

Instead of focusing upon his ignorance of scientific awareness, let’s look at his use of fear as a tool in the religious control freak’s arsenal.

The Truth About Demons

Demons. What are they really? Well, they’re not some scary animal-human combination, even if they may aspire to appear so for effect.

They are dead human beings, residents of the afterlife, people who are just like you and me (minus their physical bodies) except for their less-than-savory thought patterns.

And The Truth About Hell

Here’s how it works in the afterlife. The realms of the afterlife are highly stratified. When you die, you are attracted to the realm which best suits your mentality. Most people, by definition, go to the most popular realm. The slightly more enlightened people go to the next higher realm.

Active spiritual seekers have the run of several grades of realms above those. Sociopathic criminals, on the other hand, sink to the lowest realms of the afterlife. These are the so-called “hells.”

The hells have no smell of sulfur, no raging fires, and no demons running around ready to poke people with pointed sticks. What they do have is a population which shares a criminal mentality, preys on the weak wherever possible and, because of that, lives in what is effectively a cruel feudal system. And, just like in medieval times, they have no shortage of priests or churches.

People in the hells do not typically interfere with people here in the physical realm. Most of them have no idea how to even get back here to this world. Most of the others are so afraid to leave the protection of their local overlords that they wouldn’t dare go anywhere anyway. So, who could the demons be that are said to haunt the physical realm in which we live?

Earthbound Spirits

That’s simple. They are even sadder to behold than the sociopaths who ended up in the hells. They are those most pathetic of ghosts, earthbound spirits. When they died, they were so filled with fear that they refused to follow their natural instinct to move on into the afterlife. Now, as earthbound ghosts in a world of physical humans, no one sees them, no one listens to them, so it’s really hard for them to get anyone to be afraid of them.

But, they do have one advantage over physical beings. As etheric spirits, they are not constrained by that most inconvenient limitation of the physical brain; they are fully telepathic. They can sense every emotion that goes through the mind of a physical person. Now surely, they hope, there’s a way to make that work so that they can gain influence over people.

Fear is what they’re looking for. When people become fearful of the idea of demons, they sense exactly what those fearful people are feeling. They might even follow evangelists around, hoping to find an easy victim. If they get lucky, they’ll find one who’s a little more impressionable to mental images than most people.

Well, they try and try and try, but it’s not easy spending your time as an actor doing the demon thing. Most of the time they go toally unappreciated.

When they do find someone who can be scared, it gives them hope that there may be a purpose in their being alive in their spirit form after all. Even if nothing else has worked so far.

As a spiritual seeker, an earthbound spirit won’t normally bother you. They can’t stand your spiritual light because exposure to it could change them. However, if you are a ‘recovering from hellfire and brimstone religion’ person and find yourself thinking those old fearful thoughts, be sure to become aware of what is around you.

If you sense an invisible presence and an increasing sense of fear, sock ’em with every ounce of love and light you can muster! Ask Jesus to help them move into the light. They’ll probably run a mile away before you can blink, but you might get lucky and have some effect on them.

Then, relax into a nice yoga or meditation session!


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About Owen K Waters

Owen K Waters transforms the mysteries of spiritual metaphysics into clarities. As an international spiritual teacher, he has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to better understand the nature of their spiritual potential. For over fifty years, he has focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision. As co-founder of the Spiritual Dynamics Academy, he offers spiritual seekers a clear understanding and mastery of the spiritual principles of life.

13 thoughts on “He Says Yoga Attracts Demons…

  1. Denise Lyn

    Dear Owen-
    I enjoyed reading your articles over the years. This one especially touches. I grew up in the Baptist church. At the age of 27 I left the church and spent several years soul searching and researching and came across your Spiritual Dynamics and Unity Church. I have never felt more free. I grew up believing that there was a physical hell and heaven and so much hatred for people who did not share my beliefs or “living in sin.” I grew up believing that demons exist in all those who were not of the Baptist faith and that we are all sinners and will go to hell.

  2. Elizabeth Symons

    Hello Owen thank you for your articles I have really enjoyed and learned and been stimulated by them over the years
    I clearly remember as a little seven year old girl going to church and sunday school sitting in the church listening to the ministers words and I clearly remember dismissing the negative unloving words that were said and then clearly hearing all of the loving words that were said the past twenty or so years I have been serving GOD in my sleep time I am always leading a lot of people to a higher realm towards divine light this really takes a lot of energy from me the next day and I have to ask holy spirit to give me a rest as she does [perhaps I am a dula] I have never heard this word before and will look into it thank you once again Owen
    Blessings from Elizabeth.

  3. Connie S. Smith

    Dear Owen, your postings are always so wise and loving — thank you!

    After I was in labor going on 30 agonizing hours, suddenly I saw ugly grinning faces all over my hospital room walls. The thought of demons went through my feverish mind,(106.7 degrees) but then I said to myself “But I don’t believe in demons!” I decided to scream anyway because I really needed medical attention right away. My perfect little baby girl was delivered by C-section then because the doctor said she and I both were “starting to get into trouble.” I asked a nurse, “What did they used to do in the old days when labor went on too long?” And she said, “They used to die, Dear.”

  4. Carl Franklin

    I was a Lutheran minister for 13 years. I began meditating and channeling my sermons.This new source of higher wisdom soon moved me beyond traditional Christian beliefs and 47 years ago put me on the spiritual metaphysical path. One of my main jobs for the last 35 years has been to be a spiritual dula helping people on the astral plain when they are ready to move up to the plain called heaven. I also counsel people who have astral plain lower entities attached to them or hanging around them wait to attach. These entities are helped by being lead to the entrance to heaven. Owen what you have written in this article is right on. I very much enjoy and benefit from your wisdom and perspective. THANK YOU! Carl Franklin

  5. Tommy Kiefer

    I grew up in a very loving family of protestant Baptists and always struggled with Jesus as the savior and the only way to heaven. Once I had my awaking it cleared up and made sense. I’m moving on even past that now living without judgment and understanding that we are own individual sovereign beings, fractals of the Source-Creator. Any interpretations of the higher realms, good or bad, positive or negative, is all based on the perspective of the one observing. Therefore, the last 10k years of teachings, across the spectrum of civilizations, were enforced perspectives of others that were in control at the time and used to raise up the hearts and minds of some and to lower into fear and submission the hearts and minds of others. We exist in a reality of energy, bits of information in a holographic simulation. Our entire multiverse could exist on a jump drive/memory stick key chain, of a student in another dimension. Like the couple scenes in the Men in Black movies, 1. There was an entire universe in a pendant on the dog’s necklace or at the end of another when they open a door to infinity, not knowing their door is on an infinite wall of doors. My point is we are a creation in a digital world of etheric energy. Our existence and perceptions end when our power goes out. There are other creations in the game that have been placed throughout the seen and unseen to help us or hinder us in our journey of Joy. What matters is our remembrance of unity with all. Everything in this reality is alive, conscious, and thrives off our Love. Any teaching or belief system that comes between you and source is man-made mumbo jumbo and designed to give away your power of love and gratitude. I trust that as ” time ” goes on the energies of remembering will flow through the love matrix and loosen the hearts and minds of some many judgmental Christians. Everything is here for us to live in Joy with creation, yoga, tarot, numerology, astrology, esp, synchronicities, etc etc. Love your self and Love others as you Love Yourself. Namaste~

  6. Ingrid Ruhrmann

    Hi Owen … I did have a chuckle considering how entrenched so many of us humans are still in man made constructs … the restrictions and fearfulness generated by certain belief systems …

    I applaud your continued efforts to present freeing alternatives … this planetary existence is so very exquisite with its natural balances

    thank you for your constant and supportive efforts to shed light

    much love, Ingrid

  7. James Stotts

    Good morning all. Interesting article Owen. Can you imagine the negative entities around those who preach fear to others? When you are around them, you feel like you are close to a black hole. When you are around those who live a life of Light and Love. you are lifted up into the Angelic realms. I feel blessed to share my thoughts and feelings with this group as it “lifts” me up!. Looking forward to spring here. Love and Light to all.

  8. Loretta

    I continue to be amazed at how many people I encounter, either in person or through e-courses/lessons such as these, who are currently seeking enlightenment on this spiritual path but who were raised in a very strict religious upbringing, very often Roman Catholic like myself. To me that would indicate that we have always had this thirst for spiritual knowledge but we were so entrenched in the beliefs of our ancestors that it has taken most of us decades to break free and then a few more years to release ourselves from the accompanying guilt to bring us to this point in our lives.
    I am very thankful and appreciative, Owen and Dreama, of the way you clarify and explain things. It makes it so easy to understand concepts that were mind boggling to say the least.
    All good things to you,

  9. Carla van Raay

    My strict and highly superstitious Catholic upbringing, and vowed religious life following, ended abruptly one great day when I made the Stations of the Cross as a penance for perennial wicked thoughts, and was given the sudden and enormous grace of seeing through the whole charade that religion is. I laughed out loud at discovering the fear-and-guilt ploys of control, and couldn’t believe my luck to have woken up to them. It took decades to turn to spirituality since I had thrown Jesus out with everything else, which was not the wisest thing I could have done, but then, Jesus is so badly presented in the Catholic church. Now I am re-discovering Jesus, and saving him from Christianity in my own life and in a book I am writing. What a truly lucky life!

  10. Margaret Coles

    Good Morning Owen, my Dear. Feeling well enough now to return to linking with you. Well, I might have already told you about my early religious years, but to reiterate re this. I was brought up Church of England, attending three times on a Sunday. Christened as a babe and prepared to take Communion at the age of 13 years. Then at age of 16 looked into Baptist, Methodist and Pentecostal. Even spoke in tongues. But, was introduced to Spiritualism, thus was warned of the “Devil” by my church. However after 2 years, I decided that I witnessed too much love, healing and evidence of an after life to be afraid of a Devil and Hell. So I went on from there. I have been used to free earthbound spirits on several occasions and it has all worked out successfully. You may be interested to know that my name, Margaret Coles, was the name I was registered with from my unmarried Mother. Then adopted at six weeks, a new certificate was issued with the new name of Gloria Christine Robinson. I was christened Gloria Christine some weeks later, in Latin this is interpreted as “In Praise of Christ”. Looking back, I can see the growth over the years and I like to think that my christened name does suit me. Much love and blessings to all. Margaret.

  11. Maddie

    Loved this article and is spot on to what I read and witnessed. I grew up in a Catholic environment and was indoctrinated with fire and brimstone. My fear propelled me on a spiritual path, which led me to love and light and a new enlightenment, Blessed be.

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