How Flow Can You Go?

by Owen Waters

Higher energies cascade like a waterfall throughout the many levels of Creation, available on demand to fill us with inspiration, love and upliftment.

We simply need to tune into those energies to receive their spiritual bounty but, in order to best do that, we need to know something about the design of Creation.

The energies that support life flow throughout the universe. It is the principle of Flow that we must understand in order to avail ourselves of these energies in a powerful and effective way.

Through the use of intention, your mind can attract higher energies into your being. That is half of the necessary process. The other half is to pass these energies on through yourself to a world which desperately needs upliftment.

Then, and only then, you have Flow.

And, when you have Flow, something magical happens.

You would think that giving away the precious energy you’ve just received would leave you empty, devoid of that wonderful energy and standing unchanged by the process. But, that isn’t what happens.

The act of Flow starts an engine of attraction, a vortex that brings ever more sacred energy into your being. As you send this refreshing energy out to the world, the whole process feeds on itself, building in intensity until your system operates at its current maximum capacity.

Like all exercises, practice increases your capacity to handle more of the same. The question then becomes,

How Flow can you go?

Powerful and Effective World Healing

In the quietness of your inner space, spend some time in gratitude for life, nature, the abundant Earth, the life-giving Sun, and the Creator of the universe. Let a sense of gratitude for everything in your life fill your heart and then set an intention for world peace and enlightenment.

With that love energy within you conditioned by the intention for world peace and enlightenment, move that energy out into the global mind belt surrounding the Earth.

The energy responds well to mental pressure provided by intention, so direct it as a beam of white light from your heart chakra [which is an energy vortex positioned outside the body just in front of the breastbone] out into the world. Do this either through visualizing such an energy flow or by stating a mental intention of what you want to be achieved. The energy will follow your direction.

On each in-breath, breathe in energy from the cosmos into your heart chakra. On each out-breath, send it out with love from your heart chakra to the world.

Continue with the following breathing cycle for an initial goal of three minutes. When you get to three minutes, keep going for as long as you feel inspired.

The universe reflects who you are. When you practice healing the world, by automatic reflection, you heal who you are. Any and all issues which have been challenging for you will move closer toward resolution as you help the world in this way.

There’s nothing like starting your day helping to heal the world in these critical days of transformation. It’s one of those things that brightens your day, makes you feel good to be alive, and lets you know that you are taking the type of action that, as a lightworker, you came into this life to perform.

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About Owen K Waters

Owen K Waters transforms the mysteries of spiritual metaphysics into clarities. As an international spiritual teacher, he has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to better understand the nature of their spiritual potential. For over fifty years, he has focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision. As co-founder of the Spiritual Dynamics Academy, he offers spiritual seekers a clear understanding and mastery of the spiritual principles of life.

11 thoughts on “How Flow Can You Go?

  1. oscar rorvik

    thank you OWEN, I too honour the light that comes from you, and find your writing a constant flow of inspiration to see me through the days…

  2. Helen ng

    Owen my spiritual friend n guide, I have benefitted so much from your sharing gifts. I feel you are a great being. Thank you so much. May more n more light flow throughout the universe n all sentient beings!

  3. Linda Dubin

    Thank you Owen for many years of Sunday inspiration. No matter how intense the week is your Sunday article always brings me back to CENTER. Which prepares me for the new week at hand. I am excited to start the seven day (FLOW) peace and love to you Owen and Dreama thank you for all the many articles and teaching me how to be a light worker. Thanks for always reminding me of who I am.❤️

  4. Dreama

    The simple practice of gratitude first thing in the morning, before the day gets busy, sets the entire day spinning in a positive direction. Since starting this challenge I have received a couple of insights: Peace happens when I live from the heart. I do not say this lightly. Living from the heart requires constant awareness of where my thoughts are. It requires treading softly through the world, speaking and acting with compassion in everything I do. It means listening with the heart no matter what the words are from another. Living from the heart means I don’t get to bounce down to 3D and “duke it out.” No ranting is allowed. I don’t get to stand on a soap box. Living from the heart stands you in the center of compassion and kindness and only when it flows out from you can the world receive. When you live from the heart, you will then see the world differently.

  5. Deborah Murphy

    Owen, as someone who has been reading your insightful newsletters for years nowI would like to personally thank you for your service. I have shared them with people telling them them that you easily and succinctly explain spirituality so those that are just starting on their path can more easily understand what that means.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    Love, light and peace,

  6. Judith

    I always look forward to your clear and concise insighful messages Owen. They really uplift me spiritually.

  7. DJ Bradley

    Thank you, Owen, for the years of sharing your wisdom, guidance and insight. As a lightworker, an experienced (now retired) board certified instructor of hypnotherapy, Reiki and angelic presence healing, I find your ideas very much parallel my own. Yours and Dreama’s shared writings continue to enable everyone reading to consider and integrate the beautifully articulated information into their own lives, thereby lifting levels of understanding, strengthening beliefs and increasing vibrational frequencies so they in turn are able to embody, demonstrate and share in a manner appropriate to them. Thank you.

  8. CH

    Hello Owen

    Thank you for your continued wisdom and clarity. Reading your weekly Newsletter for the past few years has been integral to my spiritual practice – novice that I am!

    Onward in the Light.

  9. Marilyn

    Owen I really appreciate the clarity of your writing and how succinctly you articulate complex spiritual phenomena.

    I have been practicing a meditation similar to this, and include a silent, inner, heart-felt apology to all living beings for any and all harm caused by the “conscious or unconscious, unintentional or intentional” actions
    of myself or other humans. (An extended version of the H’ponopono prayer). The sincerity seems to open up a powerful river of Light, and I “intend” that out into the world to all beings.

    After this meditation the light force, joy and love coursing through me are wonderful, and all negative energy seems to be transmuted. It is a fantastic way to start the morning, and carries throughout the day.

  10. Carla van Raay

    Owen, your newsletter came along while I was writing on the topic of Light – what synchronicity! I have included the link to your article, since you have put it so beautifully and with the most practical of aims. Thank you for this gift, Owen.

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