Magic Happens

by Owen K Waters
Posted September 15, 2018

Hurricane Florence, with its winds churning at 140 mph, was predicted to be a Category 4 or 5 hurricane by the time it made landfall on the U.S. east coast.

Thank you to everyone who responded with prayers and healing light as the hurricane came ashore. The intensity of the storm was much lighter than expected thanks to the thoughts and prayers of lightworkers everywhere. Florence made landfall as a Category 1, with winds much reduced to 90 mph.

Most of the mortal danger from Hurricane Florence is now over. What remains is further risks from flooding all the way up the eastern U.S.

As the people affected move into recovery mode, they face the possibility of devastating and heartbreaking losses along with a long and frustrating road toward repair and some semblance of normalcy in their lives.

My muddy office floor after the floodwater came and went.

In 2013, I experienced loss in a flood, with evacuation to hard-to-find hotel rooms, personal injury from lifting heavy items, and power outages.

Then followed a long struggle to replace flooded appliances, floor coverings, swollen floorboards and soaked walls in an area where everyone needed help all at once.

Floods are no picnic. They drain the human spirit beyond belief.

Today, we can send our love and light to support the rescue and recovery efforts of all those affected by this monumental storm.

You can use your own technique, or any method of raising the energy of the intended target area. For example, Tom T. Moore, author of The Gentle Way, recommends asking your guardian angel for help, both in personal challenges and to help others in need.

While we all have spirit guides, Tom points out that we also have a guardian angel who volunteered to be assigned to us for this lifetime and they really can affect outcomes in the physical world, provided:

(1) A physical person requests their help, and

(2) They co-create this in the physical realm by saying the request physically out loud or by physically writing it.

The request in this case would be:
“I am asking that all those beings who need help as a result of Hurricane Florence receive all the help they need right now from all those beings who can help them.”

You could also choose to use the World Healing Technique that we teach. Here it is in summary:

Sit upright with your eyes closed.
Make a spiritual connection, one which includes gratitude for life.
Intend world healing by visualizing the desired positive outcome.
Breathe in life energy with each inbreath.
On each outbreath, repeat your intention and send a beam of white light from your heart to your intended recipients as a whole.

Whichever method you choose, everyone will benefit – both the recipients of your light and your own spiritual evolution.

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4 thoughts on “Magic Happens

  1. Nicole Joy

    As I read this- I’m realizing that you must be stationed very close to me & part of my community. I live in Wilmington & am currently without power, surrounded by fallen trees & lots of water BUT safe & sound & extremely grateful!!

    You are so correct in your assessment of the powerful force of prayer that slowed Flo’s role with even greater winds than we received. The way she came in felt very much like a Category 4! Even Sat. night was scary with her bands that bring flash floods & wipping winds… but she’s in the rear window now but she is in the record books for awhile!

    I would love to know if your also in Wilmington or one of our surrounding areas! Stay safe & dry!

  2. Margaret Coles

    It moves me considerably, to know and understand requests made for help from God via the angelic kingdom. One has to be aware of this on a close and knowing field of energy. Belief is the start of the journey, but when you KNOW it, you have cracked it. Sometimes, it takes a while for the answer to manifest, but that is because, the energy has to infiltrate the barriers that may well be in force from other angles, but eventually, it all ties in and tallies. Sometimes, too, the answer appears from a direction that we would never have considered, as it turns out, that way is found to be the best. Causes me to smile, sometimes to cry with thanks and love. We must stop getting in our own way! Thank you again for such inspiration and upliftment. Blessings, Margaret.

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