The Shift: The Time Is Now

by Dreama Vance

Listen. Do you hear it? It is like the flutter of tiny wings in your heart. It is calling to you.

It calls so softly. Is it more a feeling? A rhythm that pulls you, do you hear it? You hear it in your soul, the inner Self. It is who you really are. You cannot deny it, because it is you. When you hear it, that soft flutter, you respond.

Your heart yields to the call. It is the clarion call. You have heard it before and you have responded. Long before your first incarnation on this beautiful planet, you heard the call. Love poured forth from you. “Yes,” you said. “Yes.”

Through many lifetimes, hardships and challenges in the valley of forgetfulness, we have continued to endure and respond with “Yes.”

Now is the time. You can hear the call again. You remember. You awaken. “Oh, yes!”, you cry as you embrace that remembered moment. You remember the love that flooded your being. You remember the joy of answering the call to be of service. “Yes,” you said, “a thousand times, yes!”

Now is the time you can hear the call again. “Rise up! Now is the time!” For so long we have waited. But now we hear the clarion call, awakening us to ACTION. We are being called so clearly, so insistently, to action. NOW IS OUR TIME. TAKE ACTION NOW. Embrace freedom.

Let Life flow through you. Awaken to God within you. See God all around you. Embrace freedom as you change your life and show others how to change theirs. Use your gifts. Fulfill your mission. You are here for a reason. You have a spiritual reason for being here now. It is time. NOW! NOW! NOW! NOW IS OUR TIME.

GET MOVING. Begin your work. You may feel you have been doing your work and fulfilling your mission but NOW IS THE TIME.

Re-assess, re-evaluate. The energy of change is pounding at the door. This is a tidal wave of energy that will uplift us if we listen. It will empower us if we let it. It will embrace us and change us and freedom will be sounded with this clarion call.

Dear ones, Now is The Time! Wake up from your daily lives. Remember why you are here! You are here for this moment in history. Don’t sleep through it! This is a call to action. Turn off the TV and any other distractions.

Listen and follow the rhythm of your heart. Get moving.

The time is now.

Recommended further reading – The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness (Updated Edition, November 2016) by Owen Waters.

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6 thoughts on “The Shift: The Time Is Now

  1. yeye

    Yes, Dreama. The time is NOW NOW NOW NOW. I like how you reference earth as a valley of ‘forgetfulness’ because that is what it is truly, and we owe it to ourselves to remember, remember it all: from where we have come, our mission etc.
    when we are connected to our inner man and world. The effect of the new energetic waves hitting earth are tolerable unlike when we are not.
    Thanks to you and Owen for sharing

  2. Owen K Waters

    In reply to Jerome’s posting: Higher thinking is becoming a part of daily living. That is the effect of The Shift and we are here to figure out, person by person, how we can best achieve that. Balance is the key. Too much in one direction takes us off the centerline of balance. Notice how routine tasks only need to take minimal focus. This is the idea of being in the world but not compusively of it. For example, while driving on the open road away from crowds, your mind is partly on the road – ready and able to notice changes – but mostly off in a realm of higher thinking. I spent my years at college in just such a place. The atmosphere of intellectual activity at college was a wonderful place in which to be immersed while my mind drifted off to who-knows-where. Such is the life of a mystic. The only downside was once a year, when the big exams came around, I had to figure out what they’d been trying to teach us all year. I loved those years at college. It was such a jolt when I had to go out into the world of noise and clatter and actually produce things.

  3. jerome

    The Question Is: How does one live in the world but not be of it? Can one be a Dalai Lama as a Walmart greeter? Being-ness and doing-ness are required in balance on this physical plane, but how does one avoid the conundrum of “Don’t be so spiritually high that you’re of no earthly good,” as my first great spiritual teacher used to say? How does one spiritualize ‘do lists, schedules, and agendas,’ the daily ‘stuff’ that takes up so much ‘time’ and especially energy? Am I making any sense?????

  4. Kathleen A Burns

    All you have to do is BE! Be HERE NOW. It is ALL within each moment. You are that. The Infinite Lives in and through you every day, every minute. Let go and let it live through you. Live in generosity and blessing. We are all ONE. All of the power of creation is right where you are.

  5. Shannon Bagus

    I so want to know what my passion-purpose is but I’m stuck in this grief mess…oh please God,,,what is my mission???

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