by Owen K Waters

My landlady just died. Well, she was my landlady back in 1978 and I haven’t seen or heard from her since.

So, how do I know she just died?

People start their life in the afterlife with a long review of how they lived their life. With support from helpful guides, they relive every experience of their entire life, assessing their own actions.

The litmus test of their actions is love. Did they act with love? If not, how did they fail? What new situations in future incarnations would offer them the chance to progress by acting with love?

We are here to evolve in consciousness. In a solar-plexus centered world of intellect and power struggles, the point of human experience is to rise to the next level of consciousness, which is the heart chakra. So, the litmus test of all experiences is how well people grasp the heart-centered component of their frequency range of consciousness.

Poor old Mrs G., my landlady. She just reviewed the part where, back in 1978, she told me and her other tenant to go find somewhere else to live and now she feels bad about how she handled us. That’s how I know she just died.

My telepathic receptors (which we all have) went “Ping!” and she floated into my mind, several times in the space of a few hours. Naturally, I thought, “Wow. Mrs G. I haven’t thought about her in decades. Why does she keep popping into my mind?”

Then, I realized it was yet another case of the RememberWhens. That’s what I call it when a person passes on to the spirit realms and goes through their life’s experiences. She had just remembered when she told me, essentially, to get out and hurry up about it. She had other plans and wanted to sell the house without any renters in it.

She could have handled the situation and her tenants in a much nicer fashion, which is why she now feels bad about her actions. Oddly enough, being told to leave actually didn’t matter to me as I was preparing to relocate anyway. I just hadn’t gotten to the point where I would have given her notice of my leaving.

Nevertheless, the litmus test of love had given her pause to regret how she had handled me, the other tenant, and probably a lot of other people in her life. When I got the telepathic “Ping!” I realized that she was reviewing her interactions with me as part of her life review process.

The experience of getting vividly pinged by the memory of someone I hadn’t thought about in years has often preceded actual news of their death.

So, when you get pinged by the sudden, vivid memory of someone you haven’t thought about in decades, it’s probably a case of the RememberWhens.

Hopefully, the memories of their actions toward you will be happy ones. If, however, you’re getting a sense of guilt from them, that’s a great time to send them love and forgiveness to set their mind at ease.

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