Why We Are Here

by Owen K Waters

Owen K WatersThe biggest mystery in spiritual philosophy has always been, “WHY did God create the universe?”

This was the eternal question, the ultimate question that no one was able to answer for thousands of years. Now, you’re about to discover the answer.

Once you know the answer, just imagine what it will be like to wake up every morning and know that you hold the key to the very reason for life itself. Not just the key to your own purpose, but the master key to the very reason for the existence of the universe!

Having gained this profound depth of understanding, imagine the sense of purpose and destiny that will be yours each and every day. You are about to discover the answer to what was the most ancient mystery on earth: The reason why the universe was created in the first place.

Here’s how the question was presented throughout the millennia and why it always led to an unresolved dilemma. First, think of what existed before the universe was ever created. Remember, before the beginning, the Original Consciousness we call God was pure beingness. There was no form, just an awareness that was silent, immobile, timeless perfection.

And yet, possessed with perfection, God decided to go into action and create a universe filled with intelligent life that spends its time traveling back toward its divine source. The reason for the journey is to evolve through experience in order to eventually gain perfection.

Whoa! Wait a minute!

Why, as pundits have always asked, would God create a journey from imperfection, or incompleteness, back to a state of perfection which already exists? “What would be the point?”

You are about to discover the point, just as I did on that fateful morning in December 2007, when the answer was virtually dropped into my lap. After several decades of dedication to research into spiritual metaphysics, I must have gained friends in high places because a profoundly graceful spiritual presence came into my study and stayed long enough to make sure that I wrote down the answer to this mystery correctly.

Here it is.

“Curiosity was the first seed of action.”

The First Cause was Curiosity!

It was curiosity that led God to pose the questions:

“What would happen if I created a universe filled with an infinite number of parts and made my awareness be present in those parts?”

“What if I were able to see myself from those parts as they provided me with an infinite number of viewpoints?”

“What would the experience be like?”

Curiosity, therefore, is a divine attribute. As such, it should be treasured, nurtured and expanded.

Adventures begin with curiosity. Personal growth begins with curiosity. Spiritual growth is the crown jewel of personal growth because it is so closely related to your ultimate purpose in life.

Curiosity leads to a quest for knowledge, for an understanding of the spiritual principles that operate behind the scenes and yet directly affect everyone’s lives. Follow your divine sense of curiosity and discover the spiritual principles of existence. Set aside time at the start of each day for meditation and inner reflection.

Do this one thing to create a fuller life that becomes filled with purpose:

Make spiritual growth your number one priority!

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Owen K Waters transforms the mysteries of spiritual metaphysics into clarities. As an international spiritual teacher, he has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to better understand the nature of their spiritual potential. For over fifty years, he has focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision. As co-founder of the Spiritual Dynamics Academy, he offers spiritual seekers a clear understanding and mastery of the spiritual principles of life.