The Shift to a Higher Physical Realm

by Owen K Waters

The Shift to a higher physical realm is likely to occur within the physical lifetimes of most of us.

Those who are in the afterlife at the time of The Shift will also be risen to a higher plane of existence. There are many realms and sub-realms within the fourth-density existence of the afterlife.

Today, the realms of fourth density (or the “fourth dimension” as many people call it) are home to spirits in the afterlife. Other than a few ascended masters, there are no physical inhabitants in fourth density (4D). The big difference that will occur with The Shift is that the physical realm here in third density will be risen up into a realm of fourth density. Spirits in the afterlife will be in a realm above us and therefore much closer to us than they are today.

One problem in understanding The Shift is the common practice of getting the “dimensional” levels numbered incorrectly. People generally agree that we are in 3D, but seem to have an aversion to 4D and say instead that we will ascend from 3D straight into 5D. I’m not sure why they think that 4D should be avoided. Perhaps they equate it with the basic dream state and its occasional fear-driven nightmares.

Physical human existence is possible in both 3D and 4D, but not in 5D as that is a nonphysical mental realm. Therefore, we cannot ascend from 3D to 5D and physically function there.

Fourth density 4D is composed of twelve main sub-levels or realms. Currently, most spirits in the afterlife inhabit the third sub-level of 4D while the more evolved people inhabit the next one up – the fourth sub-level of 4D.

People in the afterlife inhabit etheric, quasi-physical bodies. To you and me, they are invisible ghosts. To each other, they are just as solid as you and I are to each other. It’s all relative.

On the day of The Shift, great energies will be released from within the Earth, raising the frequency of every atom of material on the planet. Those people in the popular realms of the afterlife will move up to higher sub-levels and we will move up into 4D to fill the vibrational vacuum they leave behind.

That means that fourth density – now the domain of spirits – will also become home to physical beings. The matter which makes up our bodies will vibrate at a higher rate than it currently does, making our bodies somewhat less dense than they are today.

In the new density after The Shift, healing will be so much easier and the aches and pains that can be so typical in 3D will melt away in the higher energy environment.

You have probably read or heard many ideas about how The Shift to a higher dimension will occur. Many of these ideas, upon reflection, can be seen to be unworkable, so it behooves us to figure out what we can actually expect.

For example, you may have heard about the Two Earths concept where people will be able to ascend to a New Earth and leave the Old Earth behind. The original Two Earths concept was highly symbolic. Personally, I like the idea, but, in its literal form, it just won’t work.

Think about it. What infrastructure would exist for you to move into right after you have ascended up to a brand-new version of Planet Earth? Being physical, you need food, shelter, and electricity would be a big help, too. Remember, while astral beings may be able to create anything they need out of etheric energy, physical beings are more solid and more limited, even when they move up into 4D.

Physical beings use physical matter. Spirit beings have more options as etheric energy – the substance of their spirit bodies and the objects around them – is a subtle energy while physical bodies are made of electric energy, which is far more dense.

So, we won’t be suddenly moving into a pristine New Earth with no food and shelter readily available for billions of newcomers. The truth is much simpler than a literal Two Earths idea.

The Earth we’re on will move up in frequency, taking everyone with it.

When the time comes for the physical Shift, people will find themselves in a different environment. How different?

Sensitive people will notice that the energy in the air is different. They will be surprised to find that auras are suddenly much easier to see, that there is a sensation of inner light within all physical objects, that the Sun is a slightly different color in a sky that seems filled with more light.

And look, even the toaster will glow on the outside as well as on the inside… all signs that something is very definitely different.

Meanwhile, people who are not in the least bit sensitive will still feel that things aren’t quite the same any more. Scientists will later discover with amazement that the speed of light has become faster than it was in the new, lighter-density environment.

It will be as if a cloud has lifted from the minds of anyone who wants to express their innate yearning for personal creativity. The arts will blossom in a mega renaissance while researchers and inventors will take steps by leaps and bounds to make the world a better place.

For lightworkers, it will be Prime Time. You’ll be calm while others are wild-eyed with concern. You’ll understand what’s going on while everyone else seems to be searching for answers and reassurances.

Owen K Waters is the author of the groundbreaking book on The Shift:
The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness (Updated Edition)

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About Owen K Waters

Owen K Waters transforms the mysteries of spiritual metaphysics into clarities. As an international spiritual teacher, he has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to better understand the nature of their spiritual potential. For over fifty years, he has focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision. As co-founder of the Spiritual Dynamics Academy, he offers spiritual seekers a clear understanding and mastery of the spiritual principles of life.

7 thoughts on “The Shift to a Higher Physical Realm

  1. Margaret Coles

    Isn’t it exciting to have such feed back from others. I was intrigued about the shift began to “shift “in 1964. It was that year a medium said to me that I was born in order to contribute to the bringing in of the Aquarian Age. Of course then, I did not understand but do now. On December 31st 2012, a large group of us gathered at a spot in the area of The Forest of Dean. The Asha Centre. We called it “NOT THE END OF THE WORLD DAY” My words. ” We who are gathered here, in vessels of humanity recognize our oneness, join with millions of souls on this “Home Planet” all escorted and inspired by our angels. Surrounding us too, as we know are the awesome beings who serve the Source of Love within the expanse of the Universe. We acknowledge our eternal essence, visiting and caring for this Dear Being we stand upon, who gives us gravity and physical experience. During the lifetime of, no doubt, all of us we have intertwined and played upon a stage, inter-relating with loved ones, strangers and supposed enemies. Whilst here, over millennia, we have forgotten our infinite substance, now going through a recent period of waking up, beginning to remember the truth. A gradual move through many decades that we are aware of and now at the edge of one cycle of time, about to embark within another. As wardens of this beloved planet, guardians of each other, let us re-commit to functioning as the spiritual beings, we truly are, expressing, Love, Tolerance and Honour. Pausing daily to this frequency we do not need to be religious or dogmatic, the butterfly effect will carry our aspirations across the Earth and out to all who observe and admire us within our soul groups.”

  2. Owen K Waters Post author

    Thank you for your comments, Ed. Seeing auras and getting intuitive information are both great examples of the higher consciousness that will spread rapidly, especially after the big event. The Shift as a whole began in 1964 when the Earth was given energies to enable her move from 3D up into 4D. As a compassionate cosmic entity, she delayed the physical shift and, instead, fed the higher energies out slowly to allow humanity to adapt to them over time. We are now in the final years of that time of preparation for the physical shift into 4D.

  3. Ed Adamberry

    It would be very good to know when or if the shift has already started, I personally feel it has, for I sense things differently, I am able to see auras around plants and humans and also see what is known as over shadowing, or an effect that lets me see upon the face of the person I am observing, different faces appearing, faces which I know and recognise but cannot remember their names. It feels as if I am seeing the many faces a particular person has had in previous lives. Would you say this is part of what we shall experience when the shift takes place for the whole of humanity?
    Thank you for your articles and for all the knowle that you so freely share. May you continue to be blessed.
    Ed x

  4. Jena Guenther

    Thank you very much Owen and Margaret.
    Love idea of hosting a Death Cafe ~

    Onelove Blessings Abound,
    Jena Guenther

    47 years as psychosynthesis guide and trainer
    in hospitable Burlington, VT, on Lake Champlain

  5. Jena Guenther

    ALL very helpful Owen and Margaret.
    Thank y ou.
    Love the idea of hosting a death cafe.
    Onelove Blessings Abound,
    Jena Guenther

  6. Owen K Waters Post author

    Yes, thank you for posting your valuable insights, Margaret. As lightworkers we are expanding the envelope of human consciousness to prepare the planet for the big move. Like all things in the future, the timing of The Shift is highly variable and changes even from second to second as more people take action to raise their consciousness through meditation and by sending healing energy out to raise up a world in desperate need.

  7. Margaret Coles

    Hello Friends, when is this shift going to take place? Already, I feel I have begun to shift, if it is a gradual process. For about six years or so, I see more aura’s in Nature, as well as around humans. I am more aware of spirit visitations, poems and prose, words of wisdom are given to me. “Take up your pen” scenario. My power’s of observation with the intent of others are sharper. My working years, (I am now 78 years old) were spent caring for the elderly and frail of all age groups, with the privilege of witnessing spirit leave the body and lights coming to escort them. I now, with a friend run a Death Cafe here in the UK. Two family members passed in the last two years, both distressing deaths for most. My equilibrium on the matter, however is calm and steady and I am aware sometimes of the joy from the deceased. Thank you for your site and all it’s positive sharing. Blessings, Margaret.

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