Global Meditation for the Age of Aquarius

by Owen Waters

Following yesterday’s article, The Dawning of the Age of Aquarius, here is our suggested meditation.

Try this technique now and see what a difference it makes to your spiritual life, both immediately and, as an energetic reaction, in the following days.

Sit upright, preferably with your hands resting in your lap, palms facing upwards. Breathe rhythmically and evenly. Close your eyes and turn away from your everyday thoughts by letting your attention focus on your breath. Whenever you notice your thoughts wandering, peacefully turn away from those thoughts, which can always be dealt with later, and return to focusing on your breath.

Start your meditation session by spending time in gratitude for everything and everyone in your life.

Next, raise your mind to attune with the greatest work of Creation that you can physically touch: Send your thanks to your home in space – to Gaia, the Mother Earth.

Then, raise your mind up to the Sun as the greatest work of Creation that can appear before your senses and send your love and light to this mighty, life-giving orb.

Finally, thank the Creator for all these things and then be still. Allow yourself time to notice the uplifting reaction that fills your heart.

Recognize your spiritual nature. Know that you are a spiritual being living in a physical world and ask God or the universal Spirit for the life energy that you are about to use. This connection to higher consciousness will amplify your efforts many times.

Take several breaths. With each in-breath, visualize life energy building into a vibrant white light within you and charging every cell of your being with its life-giving energy.

Visualize the positive change that you want to bring into being in the world. What do the attributes of Aquarius mean to you? See a world filled with such freedoms and joy.

The Age of Aquarius is about peace, spiritual joy, harmony, respect and equality for all people, creativity, compassion, and the freedom to pursue your God-given rights to Life, Liberty, and Happiness.

Now, we’re ready to use an inbreath-outbreath cycle to transmit healing energy for the intended purpose. With every inbreath, see your lungs being filled with the vibrant white light of universal life energy.

With every outbreath, send the power of this love and light out to humanity. Direct it as a beam of brilliant white light from your heart chakra out into the world, holding the intention of healing.

Perform this as a series of inbreaths and outbreaths for as long as you wish, then relax and spend some time in the afterglow of a spiritual mission well accomplished.

These are the days of action, and that means service to others. Even better, your service to others also helps you in your own spiritual enlightenment. Action and reaction are opposite and equal.

Every time you send your light out into the world, you take another step forward towards your own enlightenment.

The Age of Aquarius Meditation in Summary

Sit upright with your eyes closed.
Make a spiritual connection, one which includes gratitude for life and all of Creation.
Intend a better world by visualizing the desired positive outcome.
Breathe in life energy with each inbreath.
On each outbreath, repeat your intention and send a beam of white light from your heart out into the world.

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