Where Were You 14 Billion Years Ago?

by Owen K Waters

Before time was time and the material universe was formed, you existed in an ecstatic and creative world of light and sound. Today, we call that level of existence the soul realms.

soulThe Earth was in existence, although not yet in material form. She was a child of the Sun, existing in her own cosmic realm and also in two more-dense realms. In these soul-level realms, you awaited with great anticipation the chance of the next adventure.

Bear in mind that time is not the same in the soul realms. We may think of it as billions of years ago but, in soul time, it was just another version of the great Now. Souls can move back and forth along timelines, inserting themselves in at any point along the way.

The Cosmic Plan called for the creation of material that would seem solid in nature. The playful soul realms of the fifth-density universe would be compressed deeper and deeper, all the way down to first density, where gases, rocks and physical elements would be formed.

These were exciting times – ones which had been foreseen right from the first breath of Creation. Imagine, solid matter, the building block of material life. Add to that the chance to create and evolve plant life in the next highest, second-density layer of existence and continue up from there.

Eventually, with the creation of plant and animal life, the concept of human existence would one day become possible. Imagine, endless individual sparks of the Creator streaming into an existence which, for all intents and purposes, seemed solidly physical.

In reality, even the hardest substance is no more than a compressed version of a field of consciousness, but it seems so real that it provides an excellent stage prop in the play of life, as do the plants, the animals, the clouds in the sky, and all the physical bodies of our fellow humans.

The entire physical world is a creation of consciousness and we are here, playing our parts as actors in the movie called life. In the underlying reality where everything is consciousness, we are souls dreaming that we are physical.

To make the adventure called physical life even more real, we have agreed to forget our immediate connection with the soul realms and to spend our lives working toward re-establishing that connection.

Once your soul connection is re-awakened, you have access to the greatest resource imaginable – your soul’s link to the Divine source and the abundant nature of all Creation.

Built into the Law of Creation is the guarantee that you will be supported in all ways in your journey back to your spiritual source.

We live in a universe that was created to be abundant and supportive in all ways. The idea that there is a shortage of anything in this life is an illusion that comes with the idea that you are less than infinite in your potential to achieve anything. Such a limiting concept is just part of the game of life.

When you wake up to your inner being and forge that sense of inner communion each and every day, you will feel the flow of support and abundance that streams into your life from the soul realms of existence.

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