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Owen K Waters transforms the mysteries of spiritual metaphysics into clarities. As an international spiritual teacher, he has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to better understand the nature of their spiritual potential. For over fifty years, he has focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision. As co-founder of the Spiritual Dynamics Academy, he offers spiritual seekers a clear understanding and mastery of the spiritual principles of life.

We’re on a Mission from God!

by Owen K Waters


Sometimes, when I’m waxing lyrical about the elegance of Creation and its twelve dimensions, or its twelve levels of existence, or the twelve laws of the universe, some people respond by saying, “So what? It’s all One anyway, so why bother with the details?”

Here, for the world to hear, is the reason why: Curiosity.

In December 2007, when I was visited by an angelic presence and given the answer to the greatest metaphysical mystery of all time – WHY the universe was created – the answer was elegantly succinct.

“Curiosity was the first seed of action.”

The original Oneness, in its ultimate peace, bliss, and completeness in all ways, developed a spark of curiosity! That was the initial catalyst through which all else has come into being.

Curiosity led to the desire to explore, for the One to begin to see itself from different viewpoints and to see where that would lead. The great journey from being to doing had begun in that embryonic seed of curiosity.

The outbreath into Creation had begun and it would continue, driven by the power of curiosity, until the inbreath would eventually bring all of Creation back to its spiritual roots, enriched by having gained an infinite variety of experiences.

The original Oneness – the Absolute, the Godhead, Infinite Being, or Tao – brought the Divine Creator into being so that action could be taken in the creation and maintenance of the universe. Behind the action-focused Creator aspect of the Divine is the Oneness itself – the constant, unchanging, unmoving, perfect awareness which is behind all things.

Consider this scenario. What if God put on a manifestation party, i.e. created the universe, and nobody came? What if we all stood around saying, “It’s all illusion. There’s no point in doing anything!” That would rather defeat the purpose of the party, wouldn’t it?

Instead, we find ourselves charged with the curiosity that first stirred in our Divine source. Our mission is to explore the world of manifestation, to learn from experience, and to master all that this theater of life has to offer. How else can the Divine be able to experience all that is except through our eyes, our ears, and our unique viewpoints of the All That Is?

Just like the Blues Brothers in their 1980 movie,

“We’re on a mission from God!”

The Dark Light Effect

by Owen K Waters

This article extends the information contained in the article, In Space, No One Can See The Stars. It points out how the magnetosphere, as well and the atmosphere, interferes with the passage of light, transforming it from its metaphysical, invisible state to a physically visible state.

In its free-traveling state, light is comprised of three energy charges – electric, magnetic, and etheric. It is the etheric energy component which makes light invisible to physical eyes. When a particle of light hits a barrier, or is interfered with, it temporarily loses its etheric charge. The Earth’s atmosphere diffracts light, reducing its energy charge, as does its magnetosphere.

The Earth’s magnetosphere is a zone of magnetic energy which extends for many thousands of miles into space and is blown along by the electrically-charged solar wind. Magnetic energy and etheric energy interact with each other as do magnetic energy and electric energy. In cosmology, the reason that “dark energy” (etheric energy) and “dark matter” (etheric matter) are known phenomena is because of their interaction with gravitational fields.

Like the atmosphere, the magnetosphere interferes with light enough to make it become visible.

The Solar Wind Carrying the Magnetospheric Wind Away From Earth

TheMagnetosphericWindThe variable direction of the magnetospheric wind accounts for astronauts having seen stars only sometimes. Neil Armstrong, on his way to being the first person to walk on the moon, reported that he could not see the stars while on the way to the moon. His Apollo 11 flight was launched shortly after a new moon. Had they flown toward a full moon, they would have been enveloped in the downwind side of the magnetospheric wind as the Sun blew it from the Earth in the direction of the moon. As it was, they could only detect stars through the telescope-equipped navigation system – a device which does interfere with the passage of light enough for a navigation star to be detected.

Curiously enough, his command module pilot later reported being able to see stars visibly once he was in a low altitude orbit around the moon, which would mean that the moon’s magnetosphere made such sightings possible.

The Dark Light Effect is that light travels through free space in an etherically-charged metaphysical state until it encounters a barrier or becomes encumbered by a physical or magnetic filter, at which point it loses sufficient etheric energy to become physically visible.

Life-Choking Limitation

by Owen K Waters

Are you struggling financially? Is your monthly budget mapped out to the tiniest degree with nothing extra to spare? Have your money worries become a giant pain in the neck?

Here’s the reason why…

Poverty can afflict spiritual seekers more than any other educated group of people because of past lives. Often in the past, a serious-minded spiritual seeker would incarnate for the purpose of exploring life as a monk or a nun.

The vow of poverty that came with such a decision was no problem. At the time, it was a great idea. After all, they would be supported in their life of service by a monastery or nunnery. The problem is what happened later.

You were born into this life with a full memory of all your past lives – and vows – tucked away in your subconscious mind. Those vows keep on affecting you. They keep on going and going like the batteries in the Energizer Bunny, molding the way your conscious mind sees life.

So many of us have been monks or nuns in past lives, renounced money, and trained ourselves to think that money is a distraction from spiritual pursuits. Then, in this life, we wonder why money becomes such a focus, simply because there is never enough of it to pay the bills!

Poverty and Prosperity

In my case, I have spent this entire life as a dedicated spiritual seeker. I have experienced poverty and I have experienced prosperity. As a child, my family was so poor that I qualified for free meals at school. Shopping for fun never crossed our minds; we only replaced clothes and shoes when the old ones were well and truly worn out.

Later, I decided to try affluence instead. Wow, what a difference! I lived in “Beverly Hills, 90210″ before it ever became a TV show. I drove a brand-new luxury car that belonged to me, not the bank. I had no debts and enjoyed the good things in life to the fullest. In affluent neighborhoods, you sense a palpable aura of comfort that fills the air.

Did all that detract from my spiritual pursuits? No way! I learned more new things about spirituality at that time in my life than I ever had before. The monk thing didn’t get in my way because I’ve never done a vow of poverty in any past life. I was a monk once, back when the Buddha was alive, but that was at a time when the whole poverty vow idea hadn’t been invented yet.

So, unencumbered by a vow of poverty that can haunt a person’s subconscious mind, I showed that a person can be poor or prosperous – either way, there’s no barrier – it’s simply a choice.

Now, if you have been haunted by the conviction that poverty is next to saintliness and find yourself continually struggling to pay the bills, what choice do you have? Well, you can dig up that old vow of poverty and consciously release yourself from it, even if you don’t remember the past life details about how and when it happened.

Poverty used to allow monks and nuns to focus on serving their institution. In today’s commercial world, however, it causes severe, life-choking limitation. If you harbor the hidden belief that your bank account should be perpetually empty, then letting go of that unconscious, contracting belief in poverty will open up huge doors of personal freedom.

A life of adventure and discovery awaits you

In today’s world, especially when you are retired, you can only pursue your greatest joys if you have the necessary resources. Travel, study, adventures and hobbies all take funds. At one time, a vow of poverty let you focus on your purpose. Today, however, it makes you miss out on many of the potentially fun experiences and consciousness-expanding opportunities in life.

I am about to give you a way to release any vow of poverty that may be residing in your subconscious mind. Once you have released such a barrier to your own natural abundance, here is how you can create a new life of freedom from financial limitation.

Thoughts are creative. When you focus an intention, the nature of the universe is to mold itself into that intention. The universe is abundant. If you think you have lack, the universe will create the perception of lack; then your life will be abundantly filled with lack.

The Missing Part of “The Secret”

Of course, prosperity doesn’t just materialize because you wish it to be so. Intention alone won’t do the trick. The Law of Creation has three parts: Intention, Feeling, and an essential third component – Action. What action is needed?

Increase the value of your service to society. Observe what people need and help them connect with it.

Once you release any subconscious vows that no longer serve you, it feels perfectly fine to accept a financial exchange of energy for services rendered.

Now, you’ve probably heard that the love of money detracts from spiritual pursuits, and so it does. But let’s get it right. It’s the LOVE of money that’s the issue, not the money itself or the natural expectation that you will be fairly paid for your services.

After all, money is the way we share our labors in this complex modern world. We are no longer in the agricultural age, trading potatoes for milk or clothes or wood. We specialize in our work and we use the form of energy called money as a medium of exchange for an endless variety of the results of other people’s specialties.

If you don’t enjoy the full freedom of the financial abundance that you deserve as a spiritual person, do the following release exercise. The result can be like the difference between night and day.

Here’s Your Ticket to Freedom

Right now, make a personal declaration of release. Enter a quiet state, become inspired by the thought of God, the universe, or the ultimate state of Infinite Being and then declare with feeling;

“By the power vested in me by my existence within Infinite Being, I now cancel all unconscious vows and obligations which no longer serve me. I thank them for how they have served me in the past and I release them now. I replace them with the unconditional love and abundance which flows through all of Creation. I AM Infinite Being.”

The next day, if you find yourself haunted by any nagging doubts about whether you deserve your full worth as a spiritual human being who is bettering the world, repeat the process. If necessary, keep repeating for as long as it takes.

The world is waiting for you to rise to the place where you will realize your life’s full potential.

What Is The New Awareness?

by Owen K Waters

In the mid-1960s, the attention of young people took a sudden turn inwards. It was as if a light switch had turned on. They suddenly awoke and said,

“Oh, yes, I remember now. The answers are to be found within.”

The mid-1960s through the mid-1970s were times of inner searching. The outside world came to be seen as materially-obsessed and insincere. If there was meaning in life, it was to be found within.

The spiritual revolution in human consciousness had begun.

In the United States, the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation refers to people born between 1946 and 1962. Today, ‘boomers’ form one-third of the U.S. population, 14% of which are metaphysical believers and seekers. These leading-edge thinkers emphasize inner spirituality and self-expansiveness. Their sense of self is that of a real, inner self rather than an outwardly-focused, ego type of self.

The true, inner self is found in silence. The inner self is who you are. It is your soul. Your inner self is your personal link to the universe and to its source, the Absolute or Infinite Being. It is in this silence that you come to realize that everything in the universe is one, that separation is actually an illusion. In the light of this inner, soul connection, you also develop your sense of unconditional love for all of life and all of humanity.

Over the years, as the boomers grew into career-making, home-making and raising families of their own, their attention became focused upon the demands of the outside world. Their spiritual awakening appeared to have been put on hold. Instead, in reality, their spiritual awareness was building strength while it waited to find expression in the outer world.

By the 1990s, boomers were seeking to express that spirituality within their lives. In the period 1990-2003, for example, 25% of British adults in the 30-59 age group deliberately downshifted. This means that they made voluntary choices to better their health and family lives, even though such choices meant earning less money.

The 1990s saw the holistic lifestyle blossom and grow to include three times more people than before. Mind, body and spirit became the new mantra of holistic living. If something is good for your mind, body and spirit, then it is, by definition, good for the whole you.

The New Awareness today focuses upon gaining inner knowing through self-realization and self-development. It fosters spiritual self-reliance without the imposition of standards or duties by an external authority. With the New Awareness, your true, inner self is your authority. Your sense of responsibility becomes powered by love rather than fear. You do no harm to others because you love your fellow human beings, not because you fear judgment and punishment. Your spiritual awareness grows into spiritual adulthood. You no longer need to be told what to do, how to think, or what your place in life ‘should’ be.

Each person’s inner self is cultivated and treasured for its uniqueness. There is always potential for self-improvement, always potential for creating a better life. Along with inner development, comes a clearer sense of intuition or insight. Suddenly, with better insight, a person’s options in life become crystal clear. With insight, you easily identify the best course of action to successfully meet any challenge.

With insight, also comes synchronicity. Life begins to fold around your envisioned plan of action, supporting it by providing opportunities and resources just when they are needed the most.

‘Quality of life’ is the new standard replacing the old ‘standard of living.’ Well-being of the whole self is paramount. Helping other people, being of real service to the world, is a natural desire which unfolds as your sense of inner connection strengthens.

Your self-esteem is boosted and healed in the knowledge that every person has a unique gift to offer the world, the knowledge that you’re going to deliver that gift, and that you’re going to love doing it!

The God Field

by Owen K Waters

Cleanliness may be next to godliness, but curiosity gets you even closer. We were endowed with our Creator’s sense of curiosity and that is what bestows upon us the desire to understand the nature of reality.

In this article, you will see that a top-down, Creator-based philosophy can provide answers to the mysteries that elude materialistic science today. The key question one needs to ask to unravel the mysteries of the universe is to first say, “How did the Creator do that?”

By looking at Creation from the top down, this article will even provide the answer to two of the most vexing mysteries in the science of physics today: How is light transmitted and what is the nature of gravity?

Creation was achieved by separating Original Consciousness into two distinct aspects – Pure Thought and Pure Love, then setting them into complementary motion. It is the Pure Love aspect that is compressed into this physical realm as the field which forms the very fabric of space.

Until a century ago, the idea of an all-pervasive field was generally accepted by science. It was considered to be a light-carrying medium and was called the aether, right up until the time that it was abandoned because of a misunderstood experiment.

Consider this: Common sense says that light must be carried by some kind of medium. After all, sound waves are carried through the air and water waves are carried through bodies of water. There is always a medium that carries any type of energy wave. Light waves are vibrations in a medium of some kind, so what is waving? Currently, science is unable to answer that question in any way that satisfies common sense.

The Michelson-Morley experiment of 1887 was the turning point in scientific opinion about the aether. This experiment assumed that, if the Earth moves through a solar system filled with a static aether field, then the speed of the Earth’s orbital travel must affect the speed of light on Earth. If you shine a beam in the direction of orbital travel, it should have a different speed when compared with a beam shone sideways to the direction of travel, as one beam gains some benefit from the speed of the Earth while the other does not. As no difference was detected, it was assumed that no aether field exists.

The fatal flaw in the experiment is that it makes the assumption that the Earth moves through a static aether field in space, but what if a huge physical body like the Earth carries its own aether field with it? It’s not hard to imagine an aetheric aura around the body of Earth just like the aura that exists around your body. If you operate this experiment inside an aetheric field that travels with the Earth, then any motion through the aether will not be apparent because its field is traveling with you.

Today, having abandoned the aether concept, science postulates that space is filled with a vacuum. By definition, a vacuum is nothing, so it cannot be a medium for the propagation of something, so that idea does nothing to fill the gaping hole which has appeared in the science of physics.

The currently-fashionable theory of relativity claims that its mysterious equations do not require a medium for the propagation of light. Instead, it introduces the idea of spacetime as a fabric of space, whatever spacetime is supposed to be. From a common sense perspective, it makes about as much sense as saying, “I’ll be sure to pack a box of time to have with my lunch!”

Meanwhile, God’s big hint about the exact nature of the aether field has been jutting out in plain view for well over a century. In 1862, Maxwell discovered that light is electromagnetic in nature. We have since found that electrons and photons of light are remarkably interchangeable. So, if light waves are electric-like waves traveling through space, then from where does the magnetic part of an electromagnetic wave come? Obviously, it is the magnetic nature of the aether – the fabric of space – that provides the complementary magnetic waves that make up electromagnetic light waves.

A word of caution here: The word aether, or its modern spelling ether, causes a lot of confusion because it sounds very much like the term etheric energy, which is a different energy entirely. Etheric or vital life energy is used in healing work and we will be writing extensively on ways to gain enhanced wellness from this life-giving energy.

What can we do to distinguish between the ether as the fabric of space and etheric energy as the vital life energy used by healers? Bring God into the picture!

The best name for the all-pervasive field of Divine love energy that fills our universe is, of course, the God field!

Here is my definition of the physical expression of the God field, formerly known as the aether:

The God field is the fabric of space. It is a subtle, fluid, magnetic energy which fills all space. It is intensified within and around matter, where its attractive nature produces the force of gravity.

In Space, No One Can See The Stars

by Owen K Waters

In the daytime, you can see the Sun in the sky and, at night, you can see the stars. But, if you go far up into outer space, you will NOT see the Sun and you will NOT see the stars!

NASA keeps quiet about that little-known fact because, even today, scientists do not understand the nature of light. To them, ignorance is an embarrassment, so please don’t ask!

However, new information has come to light, if you’ll excuse the pun. I now have answers that no scientist in the world has today.


I speak to dead scientists!

One of the great things about starting each day working with the guidance of an ascended master is that, once in a while, the master brings a surprise guest. One day, the spirit form of quantum physics pioneer Wolfgang Pauli showed up in my study!

He’s quite a character and I immediately took a liking to him. He wanted me to know that, in the afterlife, science is not so mystified about quantum physics. In fact, what people call quantum weirdness is not, in fact, weird at all. However, it does take an expanded mindset to be able to grasp the spiritual underpinnings of physical reality. He says that physicists who insist that there is nothing beyond physical matter will never understand these things until they expand their worldview to at least include the metaphysical nature of light.

Etheric energy is the key to understanding the nature of light. This vital life energy is a metaphysical, primary energy which, when stepped down and converted, becomes physical electric energy. Our physical bodies are made of matter which consists of electric energy. People in the realms of the afterlife inhabit spirit bodies which consist of etheric energy.

Our eyes don’t see spirit people because physical eyes don’t see etheric energy or etheric matter. Cosmologists have detected the presence of huge amounts of etheric energy and matter in space but, because their eyes don’t see these things, they call them “dark energy” and “dark matter.” That’s rather ironic. Wolfgang assures me that, with spirit vision, etheric energy is not dark at all. Quite the opposite. To him, the air is filled with what looks like a sunlit mist because he sees that energy in the air.

There is an etheric energy component to light. In its free-to-travel form, light is charged with etheric energy in addition to its well-known electric and magnetic energies. When a particle of light hits a barrier, or is slowed down by an obstruction, it temporarily loses its etheric charge and become visible to physical human eyes. The Earth’s atmosphere diffracts light, breaking it up to make the Sun appear yellow in a blue sky. The lenses and mirrors in a space telescope such as the Hubble interfere with light, making it visible. You could see the stars through a window in a deep space craft provided the window includes a diffraction grating to interfere with the light.

The Earth’s magnetosphere also interferes with light, making it visible, as detailed in my Dark Light Effect article.

You can see light after it has reflected off an object. You can see also light after it collides with molecules of air in our atmosphere. But, if you travel up above the atmosphere and far into outer space, all the light from the Sun and the stars is traveling in an etherically charged, high energy state. That’s why you won’t see the stars. Their light is traveling in its metaphysical state.

The good news is that, when you turn around, you’ll still see the Earth shining brightly, beckoning you home. Why? Because the sunlight that hits the earth’s atmosphere loses its metaphysical, etheric energy charge, dropping down to a physical energy level so that you can see its effects on the clouds and the ground.

Etheric energy is the missing energy in today’s science. Until it is recognized and fully understood, it won’t establish its destined role in our growing understanding of the universe. As a primary energy, the science and applications of etheric energy will be magnitudes greater in importance than everything that has been achieved to date in electrical and electronic science.

What You Can Do

I haven’t even begun to release the information taught to me by more than one “dead” quantum physicist (they are actually very alive and living in the higher realms). If you are reading this article and you are not on our newsletter list, then sign up here, because this is where the really cool, paradigm-shifting info is about to launched upon an unsuspecting public!

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Get the word out. The New Reality will be what you create!

The Golden Key

by Owen K Waters

The 1920′s, the Roaring Twenties, ushered in the technologies of radio entertainment and movies with sound tracks. Before that, ‘the movies’ had been silent moving picture dramas with subtitles. Now, with the addition of sound, they became ‘the talkies.’

ModelTFord-1927The new media of radio, as well as the newsreels that played before each movie, began providing people with new sources of information and entertainment. Henry Ford’s mass production of motor cars was creating a demand for the dirt roads of the day to be hard-covered with tarmac. Progressive towns began boasting that, as well as a hard-covered main street, they also had a traffic light!

Television was still twenty years into the future, but the telephone was becoming a fashion statement, especially when its use was demonstrated by glamorous starlets in the movies. With the separate earpiece held up to one ear, they would loudly and clearly intone the magic words, “Hello, calling long distance!” in order to be connected with their intended party through a relay of human telephone operators. In the movies, if not in real life, they always succeeded in getting through on the first attempt.

FlapperMeanwhile, the young adults of the day, such as the fashionable flappers, showed their newfound freedom from tradition by dancing to the Jazz music that reflected their sense of lightness and fun.

By 1931, however, storm clouds were gathering over American society. On the one hand, construction of the Empire State building in New York City, the tallest building in the world to date, had just been completed. On the other hand, the economy was being dragged relentlessly down into the depths of the Great Depression. Bank failures were snowballing at a frightening pace as the economy collapsed inward upon itself, leading to unemployment rates in excess of 25%.

People became deeply insecure and were desperately searching for answers. Angry mobs began to listen to even angrier speakers, who sought political scapegoats to blame for their woes. Others, meanwhile, turned in the opposite direction, seeking solace from God.

It was into this economic and social darkness that Emmet Fox (1886-1951) began speaking in the United States about a technique that he called The Golden Key to harmony and happiness.

Emmet Fox was a New Thought author who proclaimed that the Golden Key technique would get you, or anyone else, out of any difficulty. The technique was simplicity itself:

Stop thinking about the difficulty and, instead, think about God.

To achieve this, people were told to make a mental list of everything that they knew about God and to repeat those sentences in their heads until their attention had shifted entirely away from the difficulty and onto a focus upon God. They would repeat lists of statements, such as: God is omnipotent; God is love; God knows all; I am a child of God; God is present everywhere; God is truth; God is with me now; and so on.

Then, the person had to put the difficulty out of their mind until the next time that they saw fit to use the technique. Some difficulties were harder than others to resolve and required several Golden Key sessions.

From extensive experience, Emmet Fox knew, without a doubt, that if the Golden Key technique were done correctly, it would work every time. The problem was, back in those days, no one really understood exactly why it worked!

After all, people asked, how can you solve a problem by turning your back on it and thinking about something else? And, they wondered, why would it only work if you raised your consciousness high enough? Couldn’t God fix the problem regardless of how high you reached in your spiritual awareness? These were just some of the unanswered questions surrounding the mystery of the powerful and effective Golden Key technique.

Now, fast-forward to our current time period, and we find that the answers to such mysteries have become available. Better yet, we also have the knowledge and resources to greatly improve upon this original idea. The main lesson learned from this technique was this:

When you enter a higher state of consciousness, life’s challenges become transformed.

Problems become solved, almost as if by magic. Upon closer examination, you see that there are two ways that this magic happens.

1. Problem situations are energetically healed by the higher consciousness, or;

2. Solutions are seen and these solutions are energetically created in the superconscious mind. One of the functions of the superconscious mind or soul is to create new realities as intentional energy fields which will then unfold and manifest in your physical life.



The Physics of Tao

by Owen K Waters

Almost forty years ago, Fritjof Capra’s book The Tao of Physics set out to explore the parallels between the worldviews of modern physics and Eastern mysticism. The author’s conclusion was that the two were, not just consistent, but in perfect harmony with each other.

Physics has advanced in many ways in forty years and so has mysticism and its understanding of the universe. In particular, many insights into the mysteries of the universe have emerged from the spiritual revolution in the West.

From the mystic perspective, the universe was created by Original Consciousness, Tao, or Infinite Being, focusing through an active Creator aspect of itself. The mystic asks, “How did God create this?” while hoping for a glimpse into the cosmic manufacturer’s mind. One thing’s for sure with such a mystical approach: You find a lot more answers when you open up to the idea of higher energies than by insisting that nothing exists beyond physical matter.

To the materialist, thoughts are just electrical signals firing somewhere inside the brain. If that were true, then you’d be like an electronic computer with pre-programmed thoughts, no self-awareness, no free will, and no feelings! Your mind is not your brain and mind energy is not electrical. Mind energy is one of those higher energies that the Creator saw fit to create.

One of the mysteries facing physics is a type of experiment which reveals that related energy particles can communicate with each other much faster than the speed of light. How could this be possible, they ask, when the speed of light is supposed to limit all action in the universe? In the view of physics today, all energies can travel at the speed of light and no faster. That’s because of the assumption that all energies must be down-to-earth, material, electromagnetic energies. Well, how about those higher energies?

In the broader picture, we don’t just live in a conscious universe, the universe IS conscious! All things are composed of consciousness because the universe was created from the only available material – consciousness.

We know that physical matter is composed of energy, but from what is energy made?

Energy is compressed consciousness.

There is not just one level of energy in existence. The next higher energy above electric energy is etheric, or vital life, energy. Electric energy is a compressed form of the higher, etheric energy.

What’s above etheric energy? All levels of mind energy, from the lowest to the most inspired. Feeling and thought are the yin and yang of mind energy. Both varieties intertwine all the way up into the realms of spirit, of soul consciousness, and beyond into the cosmic realms.

So, how do those two energy particles communicate with each other faster than the speed of light? The answer is easy to appreciate once your worldview is expanded…

Mind energy travels at millions of times the speed of light.

The two particles communicate at the speed of thought, and the speed of light has no bearing upon the situation. Like everything in the universe, those particles contain awareness. In a universe comprised of consciousness, nothing can exist without consciousness. As particles of a fundamental nature, their awareness may be rudimentary, but their display of feeling is quite obvious to the observer. As related particles, they have developed a connection with each other and their willingness to communicate demonstrates this bond. Thought and feeling are the materials from which this conscious universe is made.

Mind energy exists on a scale that rises into the higher realms of awareness like a stairway to heaven. Higher consciousness is very real and it can be yours by turning your attention within, spending time daily in reflection or meditation, and opening up to the intuitive knowingness which resides within your own soul level of consciousness.

Expanded awareness isn’t just for mystics. It opens the doors of perception where you can understand far more about the nature of reality. It brings you closer to the eternal fountain of joy and wisdom which lies within the soul consciousness of each and every one of us.


Why We Are Here

by Owen K Waters

Owen K WatersThe biggest mystery in spiritual philosophy has always been, “WHY did God create the universe?”

This was the eternal question, the ultimate question that no one was able to answer for thousands of years. Now, you’re about to discover the answer.

Once you know the answer, just imagine what it will be like to wake up every morning and know that you hold the key to the very reason for life itself. Not just the key to your own purpose, but the master key to the very reason for the existence of the universe!

Having gained this profound depth of understanding, imagine the sense of purpose and destiny that will be yours each and every day. You are about to discover the answer to what was the most ancient mystery on earth: The reason why the universe was created in the first place.

Here’s how the question was presented throughout the millennia and why it always led to an unresolved dilemma. First, think of what existed before the universe was ever created. Remember, before the beginning, the Original Consciousness we call God was pure beingness. There was no form, just an awareness that was silent, immobile, timeless perfection.

And yet, possessed with perfection, God decided to go into action and create a universe filled with intelligent life that spends its time traveling back toward its divine source. The reason for the journey is to evolve through experience in order to eventually gain perfection.

Whoa! Wait a minute!

Why, as pundits have always asked, would God create a journey from imperfection, or incompleteness, back to a state of perfection which already exists? “What would be the point?”

You are about to discover the point, just as I did on that fateful morning in December 2007, when the answer was virtually dropped into my lap. After several decades of dedication to research into spiritual metaphysics, I must have gained friends in high places because a profoundly graceful spiritual presence came into my study and stayed long enough to make sure that I wrote down the answer to this mystery correctly.

Here it is.

“Curiosity was the first seed of action.”

The First Cause was Curiosity!

It was curiosity that led God to pose the questions:

“What would happen if I created a universe filled with an infinite number of parts and made my awareness be present in those parts?”

“What if I were able to see myself from those parts as they provided me with an infinite number of viewpoints?”

“What would the experience be like?”

Curiosity, therefore, is a divine attribute. As such, it should be treasured, nurtured and expanded.

Adventures begin with curiosity. Personal growth begins with curiosity. Spiritual growth is the crown jewel of personal growth because it is so closely related to your ultimate purpose in life.

Curiosity leads to a quest for knowledge, for an understanding of the spiritual principles that operate behind the scenes and yet directly affect everyone’s lives. Follow your divine sense of curiosity and discover the spiritual principles of existence. Set aside time at the start of each day for meditation and inner reflection.

Do this one thing to create a fuller life that becomes filled with purpose:

Make spiritual growth your number one priority!


The Other Eight Dimensions

by Owen K Waters

Does a fish need to know the nature of the water in which it lives? Not really.

Do we need to know the nature of our multi-dimensional existence? Absolutely! If you intend to gain any significant mastery of life, it is essential to fully understand the nature of consciousness, energy and time.

Everybody knows that we live in a world with three dimensions of space. For convenience, simply call them length, breadth, and height. Time is generally considered to be the fourth dimension because, just like space, it changes. Some scientists argue that because time passes in a constant way, maybe its not a real dimension.

Other scientists have argued that there may be many more dimensions in existence, but they think that these other dimensions would be spatial. Somewhere, they suggested, tucked away in 3-dimensional space, there lurk extra dimensions which are curled up and tucked away somewhere out of sight.

Quick, check under the rug and see if they’re hiding there!

I’m so glad the Creator wasn’t that confused when the dimensions of the universe were brought into being. Dimensions are attributes or properties of physical objects. For example, an object can be located in a certain place and is, like all of us, passing through time, but what other attributes make it what it is? What properties other than space and time affect that object?

For a start, what about the energies that make up the object’s atoms? Then, what about the framework of Creation that makes all things possible? The Creator made the universe out of one ingredient – consciousness – so you can’t leave consciousness off the list. If all things are composed of consciousness, then what combination of intention and feeling makes that object what it is?

Let’s start at the top, with the fundamental framework of Original Consciousness that makes all other things possible. These fundamental dimensions are the attributes of the Original Trinity – Divine Intention, Divine Attraction, and the principle of Motion. If they weren’t holding the universe in manifestation, we wouldn’t even be here to wonder about the other dimensions!

The Divine Dimensions:
1. Divine Intention
2. Divine Attraction
3. Divine Motion

Creation of a physical universe requires more complexity than the original three dimensions. It requires the Triple Trinity Effect – a multiplication principle employed by the Creator to take each attribute of consciousness and use each one to create three more subsidiary attributes. Taking the three attributes of the Original Trinity produces an extra three groups of three for a total of nine additional dimensions.

The Energy Dimensions:
4. Etheric energy
5. Magnetic energy
6. Electric energy

Light energy is widely known to be electro-magnetic. What isn’t widely known is that, while it travels at light speed through free space, it has an additional energy component. It is etheric energy that energizes each photon of light to travel through space in a super-physical state, right up until it smacks into a solid barrier and degrades into a physical electron.

While etheric energy is strange to materialistic science, it is known to many as vital life energy, “qi” or “prana.” Chinese medicine has used it to maintain the health of patients very effectively for several millennia.

The Space Dimensions:
7. Length
8. Breadth
9. Height

It is interesting that, in the physics laboratory, consciousness has shown itself as a factor that changes the outcome of certain experiments, but so far it has defied formal explanation. It’s like an elephant in the room. It’s very obvious, you can’t avoid it, yet no one wants to talk about it.

At the material level, consciousness appears as the awareness within all things. Just like the Divine level of consciousness, the material level has two complementary aspects – intention and feeling.

All physical objects contain basic awareness because all things are composed of consciousness. It’s a little hard to imagine that, say, a bar of steel has much intention other than keeping its molecules together in one place, but you can prove that it has feelings.

Let me tell you the single-most memorable fact that I learned as a young man who spent five years in the study of mechanical engineering. If you cut through a bar of steel with a hacksaw, stress lines appear where the blade cuts through. If, however, you first dip the steel bar in a bowl of the anesthetic, diethyl ether, the consciousness of the bar is affected. When you then cut through it, no stress lines appear! The steel bar feels no pain, thereby proving that it does have feelings, at least when they’re not sent to sleep by an anesthetic.

The final group of three dimensions is the Motion group, consisting of intention in motion, feeling in motion, and the physical manifestation of motion in the form of that constant agent of change which we call time.

The Motion Dimensions:
10. Intention
11. Feeling
12. Time or physical motion

That makes a total of twelve dimensions in all and, no, there aren’t any extra ones rolled up and hiding under the rug.