Love and Light to the World

by Owen K Waters

We live in times of crisis, chaos, and opportunity for growth.

Looked at a different way, you could say we live in interesting times. In fact, the rate of change of many things in the world today has sped up to an almost bewildering degree.

Even the long-established tide of events leading to a carefully controlled new world order has come to a shuddering halt, wondering which way to turn next. There will eventually be a one-world order, but it will be a cooperative utopia based upon freedom of creativity, beauty and inspiration, not a thought-controlled dystopia based on George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four.”

Amid the push and tug of contemporary conflicts, our future is being formed in a way that is functionally more democratic than any political system ever could be. It is being formed in a place in which we all share, yet most people are unaware even of its existence. That place is called the mind belt.

The mind belt is the mental atmosphere of human thought and feeling that surrounds the planet. Our subconscious minds are immersed in it; our superconscious minds are fully aware of it, yet our conscious minds rarely even glimpse its existence. Even so, our minds share in its atmosphere and we feed it with our own thoughts and feelings just like everyone else.

Let’s stop and think for a moment. Is it better to feed the global mind atmosphere with thoughts of anger, fear and desperation, or is it better to offer something more inspirational as our donation to the world’s mind belt?

The question hardly needs answering. As lightworkers we know how to raise our consciousness. While others spend their energy in anger and hate or in scheming to gain more power at the expense of others, we know that the future lies in the next step up the ladder of awareness, which is heart-centered consciousness.

The question is, how do you avoid being pulled down into the mire of human conflict when you want to create a state of harmony for yourself and others?

I’m so glad you asked… 🙂

Here is a technique you can use to create an enlightened space of consciousness for yourself and heal the world at the same time. It is called the Love and Light Technique.

The Love and Light Technique

Several times a day – whenever the need arises – take a pause to refresh your state of consciousness. Any time you get the chance to enter a quiet space within for a few moments without distraction, you can begin by focusing on your breath.

Imagine, with each in-breath, the air you breathe in is filled with brilliant, energy-charged light. Breathe this light energy into the heart area in the center of your chest.

Then, on each out-breath, mentally focus on the words,

“Love and light to the world.”

Breathe in light, then let it out into the world, conditioned with the intention of love and light. Repeat at least twice more… and many more times when you can.

Do your part to fill the world with love and light. It changes your own state of consciousness and it helps heal the world in these desperate times of crisis.

With crisis comes opportunity. The opportunity to become who you really are, to manifest your soul’s true mission in life.

This is what we lightworkers are here to do. To change the world. The Love and Light Technique empowers your ability to help humanity, to usher in the New Reality of love, light, and freedom of the spirit.

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About the author: Owen Waters is the author of The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness.

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About Owen K Waters

Owen K Waters transforms the mysteries of spiritual metaphysics into clarities. As an international spiritual teacher, he has helped hundreds of thousands of spiritual seekers to better understand the nature of their spiritual potential. For over fifty years, he has focused upon gaining spiritual insights through extensive research and the development of his inner vision. As co-founder of the Spiritual Dynamics Academy, he offers spiritual seekers a clear understanding and mastery of the spiritual principles of life.

14 thoughts on “Love and Light to the World

  1. Donna Thompson

    Thank you for reminding me of this intentional and beautiful way to heal and uplift self and others. Simple, yet profound.

  2. Melissa English

    Thank you for this, it’s magnificent. I am in a time when I’m teaching young children about relaxation breathing techniques and I will incorporate this into my program.
    Melissa English
    INFORM Health Coach and
    enrichment program education for
    The Boulder Valley YMCA K-5th grade children
    Boulder CO

  3. Linda M. Dubin

    Perfect. Will be practicing today. Can’t wait to do the in breath of light and energy and the out breath give to my area of our beautiful planet. Thank you Owen.
    Linda M. Dubin

  4. Elizabeth McCabe

    Just reading I can feel the love and light doing this would generate. Will do my best to practice this and let others know about it.

  5. Quartz

    We started doing this on a recent course with you guys and if you do this for a few minutes at the start of each day it can set up your day to be just FABULOUS!

  6. Carla

    This is one of the things I like to do most! I find it quite self-indulgent because it floods my heart with deliciousness as I send out Love and Light. I also add the Violet Flame. This Violet Light, introduced by Saint Germain, is a transformative energy. So I send pink, white and violet, also to anyone whom I have wounded, anyone who has ill-will toward me and anyone with whom I have created a misunderstanding. If I want to discuss something difficult with someone, I first ask for a bridge of this Light to be formed between us.
    This turned out to be a bit longer than i thought it would! Thank you to Owen, Dreama and all friends working with Light and in the Light.

  7. Alice

    Thank yu and bless you for reminding me again of the importance of our thoughts and intentions.
    Let the universe be full of Love And Light.

  8. Carol

    Thankyou a simply beautiful thought to start my day.
    I will practice this always
    sending you and the world Love and Light.

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